Betrayal and Relationship Trauma - How to Survive and Thrive:

This course is essential for anyone who has been betrayed in a relationship. Our Emotional Connection book is a one-of-a-kind reading experience where a couple’s conflict gets zoomed out the whole of their lives. Most people miss the point by thinking that affairs happen because one person made a decision to become a betrayer. There are deep unconscious forces at work that make some people sitting ducks for violating their own vows. Our need for emotional connection, sexual expression and validation is a driving force that cannot be put in a box.

Without understanding the big picture of why and how betrayal happens people often avoid relationship altogether out of fear of betrayal. Others find themselves repeating the same mistakes and being betrayed over and over again.

Couples who have experienced relationship betrayal have trauma reactions that often meet criteria for what psychologists diagnose as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Small memories of the betrayal can trigger full-blown trauma reactions. This is much like a soldier remembering what it was like seeing a buddy killed or nearly losing his life. All of the fear returns as if the same thing was happening again.

In the Emotional Connection book and course we explain Claire’s trauma reactions and why Ben didn’t know how to handle them. He initially told her she was overreacting, which only injured her further. The book shows readers how Ben and Claire were able to work through and heal these trauma reactions together.