Learn The Difference Between New Love And Mature Love:

Our Emotional Connection Course teaches couples the differences between new and mature love. It explains how these forms of love look and feel different and how they are driven by different neurochemistry. We talk about the trap of believing that a mature relationship should feel like a new relationship.

Modern couples often want so much from marriage. They want to be each other’s best friends, lovers and business partners. Many want to have fantastic careers alongside raising Einstein or potential pro-athlete children. The problem is that there simply is not enough time to accomplish all of these things at once.

Our course teaches a concept that Michael developed called making your “primary primary.” This concept is simple yet it escapes nearly everyone who has a relationship problem. By giving first priority to the emotional connection in our adult love relationship we create the security that allows us to partner in a way to make our other dreams and aspirations find expression over the whole of our lives.

Learn How To Date For Lifelong Attachment:

Dating couples are overwhelmed by the power of new love emotions. New love emotions give us a false sense of security. Too many couples get married or live together thinking that they have found their perfect match. When the new love emotions wear off they are left to feel their emotional insecurities.

We teach couples the difference between dating for the intoxicating feeling that dopamine new-love provides as opposed to slowing the relationship down and dating to discover and form lasting attachment bonds.

If you want a lifelong partner you must take the time to develop a trusting reliable relationship. This takes time and experiences together. Our book and course teach you the differences between dating for the dopamine high and dating for lifelong attachment.