Learn How Emotions Make or Break Relationships:

Most couples say “I do” with every intention that their relationship will beat the odds and last a lifetime. Committing to commitment alone does not protect or sustain a relationship. It is committing to emotional connection that makes relationships last a lifetime.

Loving emotions shape attachment bonds and bring life to relationships. People who learn how to be emotionally responsive, validating and engaged are able to bring renewal and joy to their relationships. The emotional investment makes problem solving and supporting each other much easier when the stresses of life come.

Lifetime love relationships are relatively easy to keep warm when attachment bonds are secure. You can spend the rest of your life trying to push your relationship boulder up hill or you can let the gravity of attachment give you the momentum to protect and grow your love relationship.

Learning how to express and validate each other’s emotions is the key to making love relationships fulfilling and easy. Learning how to open up and stay out of reactive cycle arguments is not easy and may be impossible without some knowledge and guidance. This course teaches you how to do this and helps you assess whether you will need the help of a therapist to be able to securely emotionally connect.