Where Do Healthy Adult Relationships Begin?

The short answer...All adult relationships begin in the first two years of our lives. What???

In this course I will teach you the science that absolutely backs this up. So for now, assume this is true. You may be saying, "I'm good, I had a great childhood". Others may be saying, "Okay, this isn't good, my childhood was a bit rough."

The Great news is this...a difficult childhood attachment experience does not necessarily define our adult relationships. But here's the deal folks. We must be proactive in the process. And this requires some education and understanding of the whys of our past, present and future attachments.

Science will back me up here. Regardless of your childhood foundations, memories, experiences, you can have a good adult love relationship. And we wholeheartedly believe that the first step to creating a fantastic, fun and fulfilling lifelong adult love relationship is understanding the foundations.

Most of us can still hear our primary education teachers assuring us that what we were learning then - times tables, basic grammar, or the distance of planets from the earth - was laying a critical foundation for the rest of our lives. And in sports training we never ever ran a marathon until we put in hours of practice running shorter distances. We were often so eager to get to the bigger thing and weren't patient with the foundations.

It is simply not possible to build a house that will endure nature's rattlings around unless we get the foundations right.

We spent a couple of years, around the age of 60, doing CrossFit as our exercise regime of choice. The very first thing we did was go through their Foundations class. Rather than lifting even a 35 lb. bar, we lifted a PVC pipe. Yes, the coaches were insistent on our getting our foundations right from the start.

For the primary school student going through the paces or a serious athlete slowly building their strength and skills, it's about safety and success. We believe there are NO shortcuts. We believe amazing lifelong love relationships require you to learn and understand the foundations for healthy relationship. And though foundations were taking shape in the first two years of life, you're in charge now. You can learn how to change the structure of your current and future love relationships.