Learn How To Understand and De-escalate Negative Cycle Arguments:

Neuroscientists tell us that neurons that do not fire together will die together. When we stop expressing our deep emotions toward each other we become disconnected. This causes deep hurt and resentment. Eventually couples find themselves fighting about things that are really no big deal. This was the case for Ben and Claire before their affair.

We call this fighting pattern the negative cycle. All couples headed for big problems do this and do not know how to escape it.

The Emotional Connection Course teaches you about the negative cycle of conflict and how, what we call pursue and withdraw dynamics, drive it. We teach couples how to find the vulnerable soft emotions to de-escalate conflict, heal attachment trauma and strengthen the attachment bond.

We give examples of therapy sessions where couples can learn how to escape negative cycle arguments. We teach couples that it is the negative cycle, not each other, that is the enemy of the relationship.