Rescued by Connection:

I know we are biased in making this claim since I created this course. Nearly everyone who wants to sell you something, will tell you that you cannot live without their product. I really do not like feeling pressured to buy something that in my heart I know I can live without.

But here’s the thing. As a scientist practitioner and couples expert with extensive training as a psychologist, I will make this bold statement. I do not believe that you can live a healthy and successful life without learning and living the relationship foundations that we teach in this course. What we teach in this course may be the most important lessons of your lifetime. We simply cannot have healthy and happy lives unless we feel loved and validated by the person we are spending our life with.

This Emotional Connection Course will teach you the foundations for a healthy love relationship. It will also teach you what to do when your relationship is on a rocky path.

We are all busy. With so many commitments, taking the time to do new learning can be a sacrifice. Couples who come to my practice for therapy travel to see me and spend an hour a week, plus thousands of dollars to repair their relationship. For those of you who are just starting a relationship or just starting to sense that trouble is coming, reading our book Emotional Connection and taking this course may be all you need to get your foundations strong.

For those of you who are in relationship turmoil, our book and course can speed up your therapy process.