Is Emotional Connection Relationship Training right for you?

What we teach in this course is vital for anyone who's in or wants to be in a lifelong relationship. Sadly, most people get more training to drive a car than they do learning to navigate a lifelong relationship. If you've ever been in a serious love relationship, you would likely agree that it is infinitely more complex than driving a car. Without the right training, your chances of crashing your relationship are pretty high.

This course uses our book Emotional Connection (available on Amazon and other online retailers) as a source text. Emotional Connection tells the story, therapy experience and science of a couple named Ben and Claire who find themselves in relationship crisis after Claire discovers Ben’s emotional affair. The book is a creative fusion of representational fiction and non-fiction scientific explanation.

  • single and want to get your next relationship right from the start
  • wondering why your last relationship failed
  • entering a new relationship after divorce
  • interested in avoiding the common mistakes made in many relationships
  • committed to changing relationship patterns from your family's history
  • feeling disconnected in your relationship
  • sniffing relationship trouble
  • fearful of a relationship failure
  • in a committed relationship and feel like you've fallen out of love
And Emotional Connection Online Course is for you if . . . you are in a good relationship and want it to be great!